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A central conflict in most belief systems is the degree to which it evolves over time. Traditions are formed, doctrine is set and change becomes threatening to our intellectual safety. A clear picture of that tension is found in the evangelical Christian church and its engagement in our current culture.  In response to this there are many outlets which try to examine the church and its leadership – both how and how they should display the beliefs they themselves. My blog will join in this dynamic, diverse Christian blogging community by specifically chronicling and analyzing notable Christian interactions with women. There is no shortage of study or contemporary writing on women’s rights and the biblical views on those rights.  Most blogs which tackle this subject matter frequently typically fall on the egalitarian side – which makes sense because that is the side seeking reform. Where hopefully I am unique is in my generally complementarian views – which in my experience is a less vocally represented side. I hope to speak to those looking to sort through this tricky issue, those who are looking for intelligent analysis from their opponents, and to all who are wondering just what in the world Christians are thinking.


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