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The Conversation Starters

Sometimes it can feel like everyone on the internet is talking about the same thing. Our insulated little pockets of the web seem to all be speaking in unison – at least as much as arguments can feel like unison. Because of this, it can be really helpful to keep tabs on some of the writers and blogs that seem to generate the conversation.

Christianity Today’s women’s blog, Her.meneutics deserves recognition because of the clout it carries. Being connected with arguably the largest entity in Christian media, their posts are always prominent. All those eyeballs, and trust in the editorial staff, mean anything notable is quickly picked up on and tossed around as debate fodder or just food for thought.

For a notable writer, you should take a look at Rachel Held Evans. Say what you will about her methods but her book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, has gotten her a larger platform. She is very vocal on equality issues and while I find myself frequently disagreeing with her, there is no doubt her posts make rounds and become notable talking points in these debates within the evangelical community.

These are just a couple of the influential voices in the evangelical blogosphere. Follow along with them to be up to date on the latest topics of conversation floating around the web.



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